Food Photography & The Industry

Have you ever checked out the advertisements of different makes of rock sweets either on an online store or in the newspapers or magazines? What made you select a particular make of rock sweets even though you have never tasted it before? The catch lies in the quality of photography. The image of the candy attracted your attention and not its quality. You might have thought that this is unarguably the best candy available in the market.

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Food photography as an area within the photography industry

Food photography plays one of the leading role in the photography industry as it promotes stuff that we take on a regular basis. If you specialise in photography, have a knack for angles, and know how to illuminate the subject to get the most eye grabbing photographs, look no further than the food photography industry. There is a huge demand by the food industry for photographers who have the ability to promote their food products by taking appealing images of it. The photographer should ideally have experience in model photography too, as the food industry often uses models to increase the appeal of the food. You might have seen photographs of a sexy model with molten chocolate smeared all over her hands, with the image showing her luscious lips sucking her chocolate smeared finger. You can be sure that 9 out of 10 males will purchase that particular brand of chocolate.

How prevalent is food photography

This particular branch of commercial photography is extremely prevalent, and food manufacturers pay outrageous sums to professional photographers to click photos of their food products, because they know that the quality of the image determines the success or failure of their product. While there is no doubt that certain people prefer to associate their food purchases with selected brands, most of the rest get lured by the appealing images, especially if it is regarding the launch of a brand new food item. The appealing image triggers their subconscious mind, forcing them to think, "This is the food I was searching for" and making them purchase it.

What kind of foods are commonly photographed?

All types of foodstuffs are photographed, especially those targeted at kids. Manufacturers of such products know that youngsters cannot read, and determine what they want to eat by viewing its image. To add emphasis to the photograph, the photographer might add other objects such as stuffed toys. How long can a kid resist the temptation of not purchasing a particular food product when he sees another smiling child enjoying it?

Any common tricks that are used by food photographers to make food look more appealing?

Food photographers go out of their way to make food look more appealing. Apart from the chocolate example mentioned above, they use illumination extensively to highlight the main aspects of the food. Apart from this, they also use special lenses that make the photograph more appealing. Quite a few of them also touch up the photograph using photo touching software to change the hue, saturation, and brightness of the photograph to further increase its appeal.